things you think in the confessional if you’re me

Crime doesn’t pay.

This confessional smells like old beer.

I can’t remember exactly how many months it’s been.

I can’t remember everything I’ve done.

Why does it smell this way?

Supposedly the last Pope went every week.

St. Francis went to confession but he never heard a confession.

He was never a priest.

Is it the priest? Is it my clothes? BLEH!

Thank you God. I don’t deserve it.

If you forget I’ll do my best to forget, too.

I’m free.



2 Comments to “”

  1. what if you tell a lie during confession?

  2. Awwww, I just found your blog! No fair that you’re not updating. 😦 You’re a great writer. I’d love to know if you ever start posting here again.

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